Index 1.60
Premium Organic Material:

The most balanced

Sharpness and optical comfort: The original MR-8 material eliminates 100% the Chromatic dispersion, minimizes the prism effect, Abbe value 41. Free from stress because it polymerizes evenly in a glass mold, in Comparison to injection molded polycarbonate.

Adapts to any power of ophthalmic lenses, ideal for graduations moderate and high, due to its high refractive index, it allows obtaining lenses thinner and lighter without affecting its resistance.

High Impact Resistance: Made of Japanese original material MR-8 Mitsui Chemicals Inc. Allows drilling, grooving, shock resistance, drops and avoids the asterisk effect on three piece mounts.

Thermal Resistance: The original MR-8 material withstands temperatures up to 110 ° Celsius, withstands severe conditions such as laboratory and up to temperatures of 90 ° for 15 minutes preventive demonstrations the cracks in the coating compared to other materials.

Exceptional wear resistance, compared to average indices, does not undergo color changes even with years of use.

Compatible with any coating.

Maximum protection against Blue Light toxic.

Absorption Technology (420nm) and Reflection (455nm).
It combines both technologies.

New Spin 8 Technology

Maximum darkening power.
Total activation 30 seconds.
Homogeneous color.
Greater durability without photoxidation even with years of use.

Solar protection


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