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Optimal lenses are especially UV-sensitive lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight and lighten in the dim light.

Optimal photosensitive lenses adapt quickly to changes in light, protecting your eyes from solar and artificial radiation as they block 100% UVA and UVB rays. Optimal lenses reduce the transition from toxic blue-violet light to the human eye by 50%.

Optimal Photosensitive lenses have a high-tech anti-reflective film that favors light transmission to the eye and an anti-scratch film that prevents scratching of your lenses.


Reduces extreme brightness

Ideal for users exposed to intense light

Enhances contrast sensitivity

Enhances the ability to differentiate an image from the background it is on

Reduces glare from artificial light

Helps reduce eye symptoms generated by the intensity of artificial light.

Neutral Vision

Protects the eyes from solar and artificial radiation in any environment

Ultraviolet radiation is not perceived by humans but causes serious damage to eye structures due to the photoxidative process of vision.
UVA rays are related to premature aging and are risk factors for eye diseases such as cataract, AMD, among others. UVB rays are related to the development of Pingueculitis and Pterygium and UVC rays are associated with forms of skin and eye cancer.

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