Nova® anti-reflective technology reduces reflections, increases the passage of light to the human eye, allowing sharper vision and lenses with greater transparency

Nova’s high-end anti-reflective technology introduces coating materials with Superhydrophobic and Oleophobic qualities in addition to improving their performance capabilities.

The coating materials and the controlled environmental conditions of the laboratories where Nova® anti-reflective technology is applied guarantee very positive results in terms of use, stability, and durability of the coating.

Lens wearers with applied Nova® anti-reflective technology will obtain easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint lenses with water, oil, and dust repellent properties. 

Nova® anti-reflective technology is compatible with all available ophthalmic lens materials. Nova® Blue anti-reflective technology offers the maximum possible protection by reflection for the human eye, against blue light emitted by screens of electronic devices, at its maximum toxicity peak of 440nm.

Nova Blue

Artificial light protection

Maximum transparency = increased light transmission to the eye


Repels water


Repels Oil


Repels dust and particles from the environment



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