IOT Neochromes® Light Activated Lenses

IOT Neochromes® lenses always provide the right level of tint for your patient. No unnecessary waiting, whatever the temperature, these lenses are crystal clear indoors⁴ and dark outdoors.

Exceptional performance from an independent company.
The new photochromic dye formulation used in IOT Neochromes® lenses allows them to be crystal clear indoors, darken in seconds, and return to their un-activated state in 3-minutes.

Benefits for wearers

Leave old photochromics behind, choose IOT Neochromes® light activated lenses:


  • Quickly adapts to changing light conditions
  • 3 minute fade-back*
  • Block 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays
  • Provides high protection against blue light when dark
  • Consistent performance across a wide range of materials
  • High performance in a broad range of temperatures

Protection from harmful UV and blue light

IOT Neochromes® lenses are an excellent line of defense against blue light and completely block both UVA and UVB rays, in their dark phase, they filter more blue light than some products specifically created for that purpose.

UV Light Blocking

UV light has much higher energy levels than visible light. The cornea and lens of the adult human eye are quite efficient at blocking UV radiation and keeping it from reaching the retina. However, exposure to UV light can damage the skin and front structures of the eye.

Blue Light Filtering

Sunlight is by far the largest source of blue light in our environment. The display screens of our computers, phones and other digital devices are also a source of blue light. IOT Neochromes® lenses offer protection against these harmful wavelengths of light.

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